Protection Officer

Help us keep all beach users safe

Protection Officer

Our Age managers have undertaken the SLS Age Manager training which incorporates the Train By the Rules Coaching course as well as Child Safety Protection Training.

Children’s safety is No. 1

At Goolwa SLSC, we understand the importance of clear communication to the youth and educate and train with evidence-based methods. We, as SLS volunteers are all responsible for the education and development of our children in our surf lifesaving environment.

We value equity, respect and safety as part of our our club’s commitment to forging a strong community of caring surf lifesavers.
Our Age managers have all undertaken the SLS Age Manager training as well as the Train By the Rules Coaching course. We actively work towards ensuring a positive and safe environment for all members

Child Safety Officers

Our Child Safety Officers ensure all children at Goolwa SLSC actively participate in a safe environment.

The 2020/21 Child Safety Officers are well equipped to answer any questions and to work with all children and families given their passion for youth and their extensive background in policework, education and social work.

Our Child Safety Officers are available for sensitive issues should you need.
Please feel welcome to discuss your concerns if needed, they are often around the club during training sessions or you may email them via:


Junior Development

Nipper Coordinator & Youth Development Coordinator

Our Nipper Coordinator manages all aspects of the Nipper program inclusive of the age managers, beach and water activities, safety skills development and assessments. Our Youth Development Coordinator oversees the Nipper program and runs a seamless transition into the youth program which introduces new aspects of surf lifesaving activities and responsibilities whilst also building team skills and a greater appreciation for having a sense of a belonging that is outside of home and school.

Both coordinators are available most Sundays on the beach or after training in the clubhouse. Please feel welcome to approach them on Sundays or email:


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