Board of Management

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Board Of Management

The BOM is the peak club committee that manages the surf club. BOM position holders, manage and coordinate other club committees to ensure all facets of the club are functioning well. The BOM meets monthly to manage club affairs. Positions are elected for a two-year term.

President – Matt Burrage​
President is the principal leader with overall responsibility for the club’s administration. The President will facilitate committee, executive and annual general meetings. The President will represent the Club at local, state, and national levels.

Vice President – Britta Corones
The Vice President is responsible for the coordination of the activities of the Club and will preside at general or executive meetings and act as the president, in the absence of the president or when the president is unable to act in that role.

Secretary – Leah Breen
The Secretary is responsible for ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted. Maintain effective records and administration and upholding the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law, company law etc (where relevant).

Treasurer – Janet Chandler
The Treasurer of the club is responsible for empowering the committee to manage the financial affairs of the club. This is for protection of the club’s cash, assets and the volunteers who handle them, ensuring the collection of all revenues and payment of all financial obligations.

Club Captain – Brady Hoppen
The Club Captain is responsible leader for all Life Saving operations. They will ensure all members are suitable qualified and proficient and that appropriate equipment is suitably maintained.

Education & Training Manager – Kate Southern
To develop a team of specialist coaches / trainers / assessors whose role is to develop personnel to meet the operational needs of the Surf Club and development of youth within the Club.

Youth Development Manager – To be announced.
To assist with the transition and development of the members from junior to senior members within the Surf Club. Coordinates activities and programmes for juniors and youth members.

Business Manager – Doug Chandler
Manage all duties relating to the Goolwa SLSC Club Rooms and will delegate duties as required to ensure the Club meets its legal obligations as to Club Room management.

Club Constitution

Download the club constitution.

Club By-Laws

Download the Club By-Laws


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