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Nippers Development Program

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Nipper Development Program

Welcome to Goolwa SLSC and the Nipper Development Program. We welcome our new members and those who have come from seasons before. The Nipper Development Program is all about Surf Life Saving. It focuses on having fun, teaching surf education skills, provide opportunities for nipper development and encouraging community awareness
for nippers aged 5 – 12 years (U6 – U13).

Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment where the nippers can interact and enjoy Goolwa Surf Life Saving Club. Our nippers will have access to training and development in a range of areas, as well as opportunities to participate in surf sport carnivals for those who wish to participate. We hope in years to come we will have formed a new generation of Goolwa Surf Life

We encourage all parents to participate in our Nipper Development Program, whether it be providing water cover, running training programs, fundraising or cooking the BBQ. Like all volunteer organisations, we can only be as good as the help we get.

Who can join the Goolwa Nipper Program?
The membership categories are determined as of midnight September 30th of each year. Any nipper who is aged between 5 – 12 years by September 30th 2023 may register for the Goolwa Surf Life Saving Club Nipper Program. Nippers turning 5 after September 30 2023, may join as soon as they turn 5. Based on the age at the registration point, Nippers will be placed into age specific groups as determined by Surf Life Saving SA.

What is involved in the Nipper Program?
Our Nipper Program will focus on many key areas. These include:

  • An Introduction to Surf Life Saving – About the program and history of Surf Life Saving
  • Personal Safety – What it means to feel safe and asking for help
  • Eco Surf – Learn what makes up a beach ecosystem and water conservation
  • Sun Safety – Understanding what it means to be sunsmart – Slip Slop Slap Wrap Slide
  • Surf Conditions and Hazards – Identifying the dangers at the beach, including rips

Surf Safety – Types of danger you can get into:

  • First Aid and Resuscitation – Identify the principles of DRABCD and CPR techniques
  • The Human Body – Understand how the body’s major organ systems relate to First Aid scenarios
  • Rescue Techniques – Recognise and develop an understanding of preventative actions
  • Signs and Signals – Learn the signs and signals of surf life saving, including the Red and Yellow flags
  • Board Paddling, Swimming and Running Skill Development

Please refer to the Nippers Development Program Information Pack via the link above.

Online Registration Process
The 2023 – 2024 fee structure for the Goolwa Nippers Program is as follows:

  • Family Membership $350 (includes 2 adults & 2 children OR 1 adult and 3 children) or $400 for 2 adults and up to 4 children
  • Single Parent Family Membership $180 (includes 1 adult & 1 child)
  • Additional Nippers $80

Our registration and payment process is completely online. Please choose from one of the following to register or renew your family membership:

a. Go to the Surf Lifesaving members portal
b. If you have previously been a member, login to renew your membership.
c. If you are a new member create a membership, then login to the members portal.
d. Click on “Memberships” and “Family” and make sure all of your family members are listed.
e. Click on “Renew, Pay, Transfer & Archive”. Choose the type of membership you want for the first person on the list. If that is Family Group membership, then choose “$0.00 – Other_ Family Group …..” for the other members.
f. If you are registering adults and children separately then you will need to choose the type of membership for each member.
g. Click Next
h. Do not select any carnivals or merchandise (these are old options that are no longer current.
i. Click Next
j. Check the summary
k. Agree terms and conditions. Click Next.
l. Click Pay Now. Please note that the price list is for 2022-23 season. The membership fee’s have not changed from last season. This will soon be updated.

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JDR Award

Download the Summary


For more information on our Nippers program and range of activities for current and prospective members.


For more information on our Youth program and range of activities for past, current and prospective members.


Find everything you need to know about becoming a member of our SLSC patrol groups.

New Members

If you would like to join the Goolwa SLSC as a new member, click the JOIN NOW button to complete the new members form.

Joining Instructions

Additional Information


ACTIVE - ACTIVE 18 years +
Patrolling member holding Bronze Medallion

ACTIVE - AWARD 18 years +
Patrolling member holding First Aid Award

YOUTH - ACTIVE15 –18 yrs
Patrolling member holding Bronze or other Award

YOUTH - CADET 13 –15 years
Patrolling member holding SRC, other awards
Member with no awards.

Social members of the club or
Expired award members -don’t wish to patrol or
Members of the club, who wish to volunteer to support life saving operations through other functions of the club.

Non-Award Members in a define role (Age Manager), or hold positions on the Board of Management or a Club Committee.

Member between Age of 5 -13 yrs, not holding SRC Award

Age Classification

AGE of a member is on the 30/09/2020.If a members birthday falls during the season then they will remain as their age on 30/09/2021.

If a child is 10 years old as of the 30/09/2021 and their birthday falls after this date, (say 02/10/21) and turns 11 years old, the member will remain in the 10 years age group for the season.

For awards Surf Rescue Certificate / Bronze Medallion the age is classified as their actual age at date of examination.

Junior Program (Nipper)

An Adult family member must join with child member participating in the Junior (nipper program). Age is of 30/09/2021.

Sports Vouchers

In Season 2020 / 2021 about 40% of presented Sports Vouchers were rejected by the Office of Recreation and Sport, as they had been previously used to pay membership fees for another sport. It is a requirement of Surf Life Saving Australia that all members are financial to ensure Insurance coverage. It is a requirement that all members are financial and if membership fees are outstanding this may lead to the members insurance being compromised.

Vouchers submitted BEFORE 31ST OCTOBER

Sports Vouchers must be submitted at time of registration, to ensure vouchers can be processed in time. If any vouchers are rejected then it provides member time to pay the full membership fees prior to the commencement of the program.

All payments by Sports Vouchers must be approved by the 31st October, prior to the program starting.


Returning or new members joining after the 1st November will be required to pay full fees. Sport Vouchers may be submitted and the club will refund the money to the member once approved.

COME AND TRY members submitting sports vouchers have until the 30th November. If rejected then it provides a member time to pay the full membership fees prior to the commencement of the program. Sports Voucher program closes at the 30th December.

All outstanding membership fees must be paid in full before any member participates in the junior or youth programs.

How to Join

For current members wanting to renew their membership, proceed to the MEMBERS AREA and renew your membership.

Renewal Instructions

Membership Fees

Family (of same immediate family)

2 Adults (Active, General, Associate) and 2 children (under 18 years) - $350

2 Adults with 3 Children or more (same family) capped at $400

Sports Vouchers may be used, see clause.

Age defined as on 30/09/20

It is a mandatory requirement for a parent to join with a child in nipper program.

Single Parent Family

1 Adult (Active/General, Associate) and 1 child under 18 years

Sports Vouchers may be used, see clause.

Age defined as on 30/09/21

It is a mandatory requirement for a parent to join with a child in nipper program.


Additional child of same immediate family as above

Under 13 years (nippers)

Sports Vouchers may be used, see clause.

It is a mandatory requirement for a parent to join with a child in nipper program.



Full time Education (Uni / Tafe)

Must produce Full Time Student Card


Youth Members

13 –17 years

Age defined as on 30/09/20


General Member

Social Member Associate Member (non-award)

18 years over


Active / Award Member

Patrolling members over 18 years

New Award members includes first issue of patrol shirt / shorts upon completion of award


COME AND TRY Nippers only

COME AND TRY Nippers only
2 sessions only. If decide to join 'Come and Try', this fee will be deducted from full membership fee.

Covers cost of mandatory requirements to have a high visibility rash top and cap. Retained by child to keep. (COVID19 no garments to be shared)

SLSSA Come and Try Waiver



Due to several members having outstanding carnival fees from last season.

All Carnival Fees MUST be paid at time of nomination and prior to close of entry.

No payment of fees means no entry.

If a member decides to withdraw from the carnival after entry, no refund will occur UNLESS State Centre refunds the entry fee to the club.